Three Resources Every Realtor Should Have on Speed Dial


You, the consummate real estate professional, are out there daily taking care of your clients. You’re perfecting offers for your buyers and negotiating the best price for your sellers, and navigating your MLS of choice. You’re pretty handy with RPR® (Realtors Property Resource). 

On the other hand, you might not know these three real estate agency resources you should have on speed dial. Thankfully, you have Loshak Leach LLP on your side. Here are the three best realtor resources...


Realtor Resource #1: An Attorney


If you work in the distressed market, then you already know the value of having an experienced real estate attorney on speed dial. There are several other reasons that it’s a smart idea to work with an attorney. 

First and foremost, you get all the benefits of a title company with the added benefit of having a legal professional on your side. While title companies are great as far as they go, you will often need to hire an outside attorney at some point during the closing process. Your client’s lender, for example, may want to double check that everything is in order. A real estate attorney can handle this easily. A title company may not be able to. 

If you’re a commercial realtor, then you certainly will want to have an attorney on speed dial. From tax implications to multi-family tenant considerations, you’ll want someone with in-depth legal knowledge to act in your best interest. 

Other benefits include quick and reliable closings and the added security that comes from working with a legal professional.


Realtor Resource #2: A Mortgage Broker


This real estate agent resource is especially important when working with first-time homebuyers. Sure, they may have sterling credit, but have they done any of the legwork to get a mortgage? Probably not. This is when having a mortgage broker becomes a lifesaver. 

While you can often work directly with a bank to get your clients approved for a mortgage, mortgage brokers are usually a smarter choice. They work with multiple banks and other lenders to make sure your client is able to get the lowest interest rates. They’re also knowledgeable about any specific loan programs your clients might qualify for. Veterans in Florida can often secure larger loans with smaller APR, for example. 

Mortgage brokers also have access to an extensive network of lenders. If you have a client with bad credit, or no credit, a broker may be able to find them a willing lender.


Realtor Resource #3: A General Contractor


Then there is the general contractor. Contractors may not seem important at first, but what happens when you have a seller with the perfect location and a less than perfect property? You could search around for roofers, electricians, plumbers, and painters. You could also negotiate with them for a decent price. Meanwhile, you’re letting valuable time pass by. Having a general contractor on speed dial will save you time, money, and the headache of searching around for individual workers. 

Another benefit of having a general contractor you trust is if something happens during the selling process. Florida is notorious for its long hurricane season. You don’t want any unforeseen damage to your seller’s property to stop their sale in its tracks.


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