Land Use & Zoning

Land use and zoning involve the laws for the use and development of real estate. Whether a property is in the middle of an urban city or far out in a rural area setting, all real property is controlled by some form of land use and zoning laws.

Land use and zoning issues can prove to be a major hindrance for businesses or private individuals looking to develop a property in Florida. Because of these issues, it is imperative that you retain experienced and knowledgeable legal help to see you through issues related to land use and zoning.

The land use and zoning practice at Loshak Leach LLP are focused on providing our clients with the tailored representation they need. We represent both businesses and individuals with matters including property analysis and opinions, and land development code amendments. We can assist with all facets of land use and zoning laws in Florida, including:

  • Strategic planning of land use
  • Land use and zoning litigation and disputes
  • Environmental issues or concern
  • Researching appropriate sites for specific uses
  • Tax issues that may impact a property or transaction
  • Variances
  • Any other issues which may arise from construction to completion

As land use and zoning can be a very complex area of law, the attorneys at Loshak Leach LLP use a diverse background and thorough knowledge of land use and zoning to provide our clients with comprehensive representation. We will guide you through the difficult waters of Florida’s land use and zoning regulations and ensure your project makes it through to the other side.

Contact your land use and zoning attorneys at Loshak Leach LLP today to find out how we can assist you with all your land use and zoning needs.

Fort Lauderdale Zoning Law

Zoning laws in Fort Lauderdale divide the cities land into zones where different land uses are permitted. Some areas are zoned for business use, commercial use, and residential use. Your ability to develop land will largely depend on how the land has been zoned.

When it comes to getting land use or zoning approval, there may be many moving parts because you will need to get permission from many parties. Loshak Leach LLP has land use and zoning lawyers who can help you navigate this complex legal process, get the sign-offs you need, and handle any difficulties that may arise during the process. Get your project right the first time. Contact Loshak Leach LLP.

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