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Loshak Leach LLP are land use and zoning lawyers in Fort Lauderdale, Florida who are committed to representing real estate developers, property owners, land owners, and businesses who are trying to navigate Florida’s laws regarding land use and zoning. Whether you’re planning a new development or are considering making a land purchase for future development, protect your rights. Loshak Leach LLP are land use and zoning lawyers who can help you navigate Fort Lauderdale’s land use and zoning laws before and after you make a land purchase, and also before and during the land development process.

Starting a Project? Do You Know Fort Lauderdale’s Land Use and Zoning Codes?

Zoning laws in Fort Lauderdale divide the cities land into zones, where different land uses are permitted. Some areas are zoned for business use, commercial use, and residential use. Your ability to develop land will largely depend on how the land has been zoned.

So, before you purchase land to build a residential development, or purchase land to build a mall, it is important to review the permitted zoning for a plot of land. Before a development project can be constructed, it is subject to review. In Fort Lauderdale, according to the City of Fort Lauderdale’s website, as of April 2018, 5,426 residential units are under construction, 2.8 million commercial square feet is under development, and another 4.3 million square feet is being developed for office space. Another 3,842 residential units have been approved, with over 600,000 square feet in retail space approved, and another 183,000 square feet in office space has been approved. 2,010 residential units are under review. 72,000 square feet in commercial space is under review. And another 200,000 plus square feet in office space is being reviewed. This just represents downtown Fort Lauderdale, and doesn’t begin to take into account beach development or other cities in Broward County.

While everyone can access Fort Lauderdale’s municipal code before beginning development on a property, the code can be complex. This is where the Fort Lauderdale land use and zoning lawyers at Loshak Leach LLP can help. The City of Fort Lauderdale also offers a helpful zoning tool to help land developers determine what zoning laws apply to different properties. When purchasing property or when making plans to develop property, this tool can be a good start, but it shouldn’t be your last stop. In some cases, individuals or businesses can seek zoning changes or exceptions. However, before you begin any major project, it is important to ensure that you are in compliance with local laws and regulations, including land use laws and zoning laws. Businesses and developers may need to meet with city planners to discuss their next development project. Loshak Leach LLP can assist businesses in scheduling these meetings, filing all required paperwork, and work with businesses to get their projects approved.

What is the Building Permit Process in Fort Lauderdale?

 According to the City of Fort Lauderdale,  businesses and individuals must follow the following steps to get a building permit.

  1. Meet with a project planner and respond to any comments. During this process, it can be helpful to have a zoning or land use lawyer on your side to help you review comments and present documentation to support any additional requests. For example, some requests and comments cannot always be addressed, by changing the development plan. In this case, it is important to provide a sound rationale for why you are planning your project in a given way.
  2. Site plan documents are submitted to required parties.
  3. Provide site plans to appropriate personnel.
  4. Project planner signs off and forms are delivered to the Urban Design and Planning Division and to Public Works Department.
  5. After this process is followed, businesses that need approval by the planning and zoning board must then submit their documents for review.

When it comes to getting land use or zoning approval, there may be many moving parts because you will need to get sign off from many parties. Loshak Leach LLP are land use and zoning lawyers who can help you navigate this complex legal process, get the sign offs you need, and handle any difficulties that may arise during the process. Get your project right the first time. Contact Loshak Leach LLP.

Get Loshak Leach LLP to Work for You

Land use and zoning matters can be complex. You may need to supply information to officials detailing the estimated regional impact of your development. If you are developing in rural land, you may need to show the environmental impact that your development might have. If you are looking to change a property’s land use or zoning, the process can become even more complex. Loshak Leach LLP can help you every step of the way. Our firm can review your proposals and help you navigate the legal process. Contact us today.

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